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RECREATION CREATIONS, LLC warrants its structures to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and    service for the periods set forth below.

   Lifetime* warranty on the following:
  • Aluminum components
  • Aluminum Spring Thing bodies
  • Aluminum backboards
  • Laminated plastic panels
  • Galvanized steel upright posts
  • Clamps, connecting brackets and hardware

   *Lifetime warranty pertains to the life of the play structure.

   15 year warranty on the following:
  • Stainless steel slides
  • PVC-coated metal decks
  • Pipes, rails, loops and rungs
   10 year warranty on the following:
  • Other plastic components
   3 year warranty on swing seats

   1 year warranty on moving parts

  • Swing hangers, spring base assemblies, rubber base assemblies, trolley in the track ride, etc.
  • All other parts sold by Recreation Creations, LLC

Recreation Creations, LLC  liability and your exclusive remedy hereunder will be limited to repair or replacement of those parts found in  Recreation Creations's reasonable judgment to be defective. Any claims made within the above stated warranty periods must be madepromptly after discovery of the defect. A part is covered only for the original warranty period. Once the warranty period on the part hasexpired, the warranty on any replaced or repaired part also expires. After the expiration of the warranty period, you must pay for all the parts,transportation and service charges.

 Recreation Creations reserves the right to accept or reject any claim in whole or in part.

The above stated warranties do not cover: "cosmetic" defects, such as scratches, dents, marring, or fading; damage due to incorrectinstallation, vandalism, misuse, accident, excessive wear and tear, exposure to extreme weather or salt or chlorine atmosphereconditions or environments, unauthorized repair, abnormal use, lack of maintenance or other cause not within Recreation Creations'scontrol but limited to defects that result in structural failure due to material corrosion or deterioration.

Upon presentation of a valid claim (Copy of original invoice, supporting photographs of structure failure due to corrosion, and copy  ofmaintenance records) within the applicable warranty period, Recreation Creations shall at its option replace the defective part or parts notincluding transportation and/or labor costs. This remedy is the buyer's sole and exclusive remedy. In no event shall Recreation Creationsbe liable for any indirect special, incidental or consequential damages.


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